Chocolatetown, Hershey PA

The Kiss Tower & the Ferris Wheel are well-known icons of Hersheypark – for the new retail store they wanted to honor and reaffirm these icons as part of their core brand.

Following the design direction provided by Hersheypark and PGAV, Weber worked through a Detail Design phase to determine critical details on size, scale, lighting and motor drive speed for the Pinwheel/Ferris wheel. We produced a few mock-ups and color samples to be absolutely sure before we went into a production phase.

For this project we worked almost entirely with our sign shop fabrication crew for both the Pinwheel & the Kiss Tower – the fabrication techniques were well in line with traditional sign fabrication methods. We worked with local vendors for the [very] heavy duty motor drive assembly needed for the Pinwheel structure and for the Ferris Wheel Gondola-style retail kiosks. The vacuum formed Hershey Kisses were provided by a specialty vendor with the capability for large & custom vacuum forming.

Installation provided some extreme challenges with rigging these large pieces to pre-planned ceiling attachment points – all done in the very last day before statewide shut downs started on the COVID pandemic

hershey Park