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Weber Group Announces New Management Partners and Unveils Rebrand --- Click for the Full Story

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Weber Group Announces New Management Partners and Unveils Rebrand

Sellersburg, Indiana, February 13, 2018 –  Weber Group Inc. is proud to announce the official beginning of a generational ownership transition of the company. A buyers group has been selected from within the company to join the existing owners as partners. Effective February 12, 2018 – Max Weber, Adam McIntyre, Jim Doiron and Paul Ohlin will join existing owners Donny Weber and Barbara Weber as partners.

Gradually over the next five years (approx.) this group will acquire ownership of the company through a structured buyout mechanism.

In coordination with this transition, Weber Group has officially unveiled an exciting new company rebrand, including a contemporary logo and a newly designed website.

These changes encompass a strategic plan honoring the legacy of its founders and providing responsible planning for the future of the company.

“Through change and growth in our company structure, and through change and growth in our people, Weber Group has become the company we are today. Let us toast to the old changes that gave us such success and a colorful history and to these new changes which will give us a bright future.” said Donny Weber in an emotional announcement to the Weber team.

Weber Group Inc. was first established in 1983 and specializes in design, construction, and custom fabrication. The company maintains a diverse client base with a strong resume in both conventional and experiential environments. Experiential projects include Amusement Parks, Waterparks, Zoos, Museums, Botanical Gardens, Aquariums and Science Centers. Conventional projects include destination resorts, mixed-use developments, multi-family housing, retail and commercial.

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