Zoos, Aquariums & Botanical Gardens

Weber Group’s reputation for creating immersive experiences that showcase the real-world habitats of plants and animals is unsurpassed. Our designers and fabricators understand the importance of enhancing your guest’s experience through stimulating their sense of touch, sight and sound.

Spring Giant at Tulsa Botanic Garden Botanical Gardens and Rockwork


Our team enhances the zoo guest experience from Louisville to Columbus to Birmingham. We transport your visitors to near and far away lands by bringing native animal habitats, as well as the cultures and communities surrounding them, into our exhibits. Indonesian gods and goddesses co-mingle with native animal species. Interactive spacesfilled with authentic props, rockwork and sculpturesdelight, educate and entertain patrons of all ages.

Botanical Gardens

We partner with landscape architectural and planning firms to create one-of-a-kind experiences for botanical and children’s gardens. Our team of designers, fabricators, artists and craftsmen builds authentic larger-than-life sculptures, treehouses, lily pad bridges and more. Our whimsical, imaginative playscapes will delight and amaze your guests.


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