One holiday season, when Tom and Donny Weber were young boys, they were walking along a row of shops and stopped at a storefront that displayed an incredible Christmas scene. After staring in amazement, they looked at each other and said, “I bet we can build that.” That moment was the start of creating and imagining what could be.

In 1983, the brothers founded Weber Group principally as a design firm. Our company’s early focus involved historic preservation, renovation and new construction on a variety of commercial, institutional and residential projects. However, we increasingly took on more unconventional projects that required creative thinking beyond most ordinary architectural firms.


Over the years, Weber Group evolved to offer both design and construction services. The specialized nature of our commissions continued, and we created a specialty fabrication shop to accommodate the demand to produce the individualized elements found in much of our theming work. Adding specialty fabrication services has enabled Weber Group to tackle projects of enormous complexity and become an award-winning Design+Build company recognized worldwide.

Today, Weber Group maintains a diverse client base with a strong foothold in building affordable housing apartment homes across the country. Our expertise in conventional, as well as experiential environments, has transcended to Amusement Parks, Waterparks, Zoos, Museums, Botanical Gardens, Aquariums and Science Centers. We continue to stay involved in destination resorts, mixed-use developments and multi-family housing.

Despite the many changes our company has undergone over the years, we’ve never lost that “we can build anything” attitude.

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