The Muses Apartment Homes

The first LEED-Certified multi-family housing project in Louisiana

Working alongside Gulf Coast Housing Partnership (GCHP) in 2008 the Weber Group team began designing a three-phase Urban Residential Development located in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. Originally, the site plan called for an upscale condominium, but the project lost investors after a New York Times profile referred to the neighborhood as a “Triangle of Death.” While that might dissuade some, we were excited by opportunity to step in and help revitalize an area and bring life back into the community.



Multiple partners came together on this project, and as always, effective communication was key to its success. Our focus was to create a place that would appeal to, and house, a range of socioeconomic groups including young professionals, low-income families and displaced individuals still recovering from the effects of Katrina. Open communication between all involved parties led to The Muses becoming a successful community with people of all backgrounds living harmoniously.



The Central City neighborhood felt the full weight of Katrina, becoming home to many derelict buildings and abandoned streets. We were faced with a wide array of obstacles ranging from zoning and permitting agencies adjusting to post-Katrina policies and guidelines, to working in a dense urban area with pressure to quickly create move-in ready units for those displaced by the disaster. Tirelessly working with our partners on the project and local utility agencies, we overcame these obstacles by creating an innovative mixed-income apartment community.



When the build was completed in 2011, it replaced 4.8 acres of vacant land with the new construction of 263 apartments, 28 market-rate condos and 4,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space. As the first LEED-Certified multi-family housing project in Louisiana, The Muses had a hand in revitalizing the local community. In 2010, it won the Development of Distinction Award from Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits for success in overcoming significant obstacles.

Weber Group’s commitment to quality and their extensive understanding of the construction industry allows them to quickly understand and adjust to the needs of the various communities we serve.

Chris Dischinger & Mark Lechner of LDG Development

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