Great Wolf Lodge Resort and Waterpark

A relationship over two-decades-long

Over the last twenty years, Weber Group has worked as the theming consultant on 15 Great Wolf Lodge resorts and indoor water parks. In this role, we’ve designed and executed immersive brand experiences and thematic elements throughout the park, including the Great Clock Tower, which comes to life three times daily and entertains guests with animation and song. Outside, we carved the two iconic wolf statues. Inside, we designed and built rock waterfalls, treehouse water forts, and animated characters.



In order to develop the brand overlay, we sat down with the Great Wolf Lodge team to listen, brainstorm, and sketch out ideas. For the floor show, we worked with a Hollywood producer (to compose the music, lyrics, and script) and LifeFormations (to bring animatronic movement to the characters). Together, we pushed creative boundaries with imaginative stories, engaging songs, and fantastic characters. Our goal was to bring to life their vision of creating a fun and entertaining family environment.



We are always evolving our craft and working to improve upon past designs. The giant wolf sculptures were originally created with hard-coat foam, but as time progressed, we knew we could make them even more lifelike and durable. In order to give the wolves more texture, durability and dimension, we switched to a form of concrete made by our artificial rockwork crew.



No Great Wolf Lodge project is the same. Each one includes personal touches to reflect the city that it resides in. When developing each project’s environment and characters, we often needed to adapt to fluctuating economic conditions. Depending on the year and project specifications, every project has different budgetary constraints. We were challenged to determine which elements could be stripped away without damaging the quality of the Great Wolf brand or diluting the guest experience. We overcame these challenges by focusing on the end goal, creating an immersive atmosphere that offers a lasting and memorable guest experience.

When it was time to build the team was always fantastic with on time and on budget delivery always willing to add or change course during the project to bring the most innovative outcome.

Kim Schaefer,

Former CEO of Great Wolf Lodge

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