Spring Giant at Tulsa Botanic Garden


In 2015, the Weber Group team created an imaginative rockwork centerpiece for the Tulsa Botanic Garden. The 20-foot tall concrete sculpture, aptly named the Spring Giant, is the focal point of Stream Valley and is the water source for the Children’s Discovery Garden.

Approaching the concept of the Spring Giant, we wanted to create something that celebrated the surrounding environment while remaining approachable for kids of all ages. Functional, fun, and friendly, the Spring Giant features a waterfall that runs between its teeth and mouth. Inside, there’s even a grotto for visitors to enjoy.


With any rockwork job, there is typically a set of challenges. For the Spring Giant, crews were working during the summer in brutally hot Tulsa temperatures. Heat affects the shotcrete. If it’s too hot, it becomes weak and cracks. Through problem-solving, isolated climate control, and having a dedicated rockwork crew, we were able to build a magnificent sculpture that really showcases our artistic skills and will stand the test of time.


Good artificial rockwork enhances the experience in ways that facade and two-dimensional media simply can’t. After the last piece of concrete is carved and cured, we used tactical painting will bring the rock to life. These finishes are achieved with a mix of washes; spray techniques; dry brushing and layering. Finally, we created a final coat of protection from visitors, animals, and the sun preventing wear and tear. To see kids laughing and putting their hand in the Spring Giant’s current gives us an overwhelming feeling of pride to be involved in such a fun project.

When people get to a vantage point to take in the entire view – there is usually a jaw drop.


– Dr. Todd Lasseigne,
Tulsa Botanic Garden President and CEO
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