Kennedy Space Center

Growing up, almost every kid wants to be an astronaut. In 2017, we had the privilege to do just that, while staying completely grounded on Earth. Working with the Kennedy Space Center, the Weber Group Team created the Astronaut Experience, a two-part immersive interactive exhibit that walks visitors through astronaut training, launching and exploring Mars.

Building Relationships and Experiences

One of the best aspects of the work we do is having the opportunity to build lasting relationships that lead to opportunities to continually create out of this world experiences. This project highlights that. Leading up to the Astronaut Experience, we’ve worked with the Kennedy Space Center to build enthralling exhibits that capture and educate visitors.

Bringing Mars to Earth

From the launch simulator to creating the feeling of microgravity, everything about this project was designed to be just like the real deal. The biggest obstacle in that being that we’ve never been to Mars. All of the designs and builds required intense research and dedication that really paid off in creating the experience of flying to and walking on another planet.

Launching to the Future

Along with getting to live out a childhood dream, creating this project was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We had the opportunity to create an off-world experience that will educate and inspire future astronauts.