Lost Island Theme Park

Ground-up Construction and Theming Elements for this new award-winning Theme Park

In 2019, The owners of the Lost Island Theme Park broke ground on a soybean field to build an entirely new theme park in the mid-west, built with the full weight of the Weber Group team. This project was created with the best of both Weber Worlds – Commercial Construction and Themed Entertainment.



The Construction Management team set out to turn this soybean field into an island with water.  So before the park could be built we had to build a lake.  Then build the infrastructure for coasters, build buildings and roads.


Delivering theming on this project was the next step.  Throughout the park there is an attention to detail to deliver the story of the five realms.  



This project literally took a village.  From the foresight of the owners, the concept of the design team, the experience of the construction team, the expertise of the fabricators, or the skills of the artist to create this project.  It is really what set Lost Island Theme Park apart and Weber Group was proud to be part of this project.